• Proctoring for L&C Courses

    For Students

    To Take a Test

    • Speak with your instructor about having your make-up test proctored at a testing center.
    • Arrive at the testing center with a photo I.D. If you do not have a photo ID, you will not be allowed to test. There are no exceptions to this rule. 
    • Know your course ID and your instructor's name. Your test cannot be located without this information.
    • Children are not permitted in the testing center.
    • You will have to place your backpack, books, paperwork, food, drink, all electronic devices, and all other personal items in a locker. These items are not allowed in the testing room. 
    • Depending on the length of your test, plan to arrive at the testing center early enough to allow yourself enough time to complete your test. For example, if you are allowed two hours to complete your test, you must arrive at the testing center no later than two hours before closing.  
    • Testing must be completed in one sitting.


    A student may request noise reducing headphones to block out noise distractions. Students with documented disabilities will need to contact Student Development to arrange for further accommodations at (618) 468-4121.

    *If you need a screen reader, you have to go through Student Development.

    Testing Locations

    Proctored testing for L&C students is available on a walk-in basis at the Godfrey Campus Haskell Testing Center. All other centers are by appointment. Visit the main testing page for locations and contact information.

    For Instructors

    The Testing Centers do not have drop boxes for tests. Please do not slide tests under the door.

    Testing Policies

    • It is not the policy of the testing centers to proctor tests for an entire face-to-face class. Due to space and staffing constraints, this service was designed to assist each instructor with a few students each semester. Instructors who abuse this privilege may be denied testing center services.
    • The center is for make-up testing and online testing only. The center does not accept take-home tests, homework, or any type of hand-outs to be turned in.
    • It is the instructor's responsibility to inform the student when the test will be available in the testing center, as well as what materials are allowed and required.
    • A completed Proctored Test Instruction Form must be submitted with each test. You may put multiple students’ names on one form if all of the instructions are the same. 
    • Tests with a completed Proctored Test Instruction Form can be dropped off or mailed to the Haskell Testing Center (HK B25) on the Godfrey campus. Tests with an attached Proctored Test Instruction Form can be emailed to the Haskell Testing Center at (You will need to contact any other center about how to get tests to them specifically).
    • If a special answer sheet or scantron is needed, please include it with the test. The center does provide pencils and scratch paper.
    • The testing center will ensure that students have the appropriate amount of time to complete their testing. If an instructor indicates on the Proctored Test Instruction Form that a student should have three hours to complete an exam, then the student will be permitted to begin the exam no later than three hours before the center closes.
    • Exams may be returned to the instructor or department secretary through interoffice mail or the instructor or department secretary may choose to pick them up. The Haskell Testing Center does not fax tests.
    • Once the deadline for a test has passed, we will not permit the student to test unless we hear from the instructor.

    The following steps need to be fulfilled if a L&C instructor has an online student that needs 3rd party proctoring at another educational facility.

    Instructions for 3rd party proctoring:

    1. Contact the Haskell testing center with the student’s name and a completed Proctored Test Instruction Form. You can find the Assessment Center contact information on the left-hand side of this web page.
    2. Insure the student is aware she/he must make contact with the L&C testing center in time to allow communication between the testing center and 3rd party so the test arrives at L&C by the test due date.


    Students who have accommodation cards should show their instructor their card, then the instructor should fill out the Proctored Test Instruction Form to reflect the accommodations that student receives.

    *If a student needs a screen reader, that must go through the Student Development Department. Submit testing materials to them, and they will get them to the testing center.