L&C is working hard to make sure that our campus community is as safe as possible this fall. Follow social distancing guidelines and check for details.

  • Why L&C: Here When You Need Us

    Whether you're looking to begin your higher education, to finish it, to find a new career or just to take a couple of classes, you can find your course here at Lewis and Clark Community College. Choose your path and apply today.

    We are currently enrolling for Spring 2021 and Summer 2021. Contact the Enrollment Center to schedule an advising session. In-person and virtual options available.

  • Get Started!

    It's all about you at L&C. The admissions process is a little different depending on who you are and what you want to do. To get things rolling, select the option that best describes you!

    • Take 12-week transfer-ready credit classes
    • Complete a Degree or Certificate Program
    • Take a non-credit or Continuing Education Course
    • Take a course while still in High School
    • Earn College Credit through Advanced Placement
    • Complete High School through GED
    • Enter as an International Student
    • Learn about options for adult learners

    12-Week Classes

    If circumstances beyond your control forced you to miss fall enrollment, don't worry; L&C has you covered. We've got a transfer-ready schedule just waiting for you. Take all five classes (or just take a few) and get ahead on college credits. Contact an advisor today for more information.

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    Degree or Certificate Programs

    You can apply to Lewis and Clark in a number of ways. You can:

    1. Fill out and submit our Web application form.
    2. Download, print and complete a form, then fax or mail your application in to the Enrollment Center.
      Mail requests to: Lewis and Clark Community College, c/o Enrollment Center, 5800 Godfrey Rd., Godfrey, IL 62035 or fax us at (618) 468-2310;
    3. Apply in person at one of our locations.
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    Non-credit or Continuing Education Courses

    Whether it’s beefing up your leadership skills for a well-deserved promotion, exploring a new hobby, training your staff on the latest changes in your organization, learning the latest traffic laws to keep your insurance rates low and your record clean or empowering your kids with knowledge, what you know makes all the difference.

    Have a look at our course offerings!

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    High School Partnership

    What if you could earn college credit while taking some of your high school courses? With L&C's High School Partnership/Dual Credit program, you can. This free, credited program can give you a jumpstart on your college career. For more information, visit our High School Partnership Program and talk to your school counselor today.

    If you are either still in high school, or a home-schooled student who is high school age, and would like to take a college class that is not part of the High School Partnership program (either on the Godfrey campus or at one of the Community Education Centers) please download the form below. You will need to take this form to your high school, or the high school you would be attending if you were not a home-school student, and then submit the completed form to the Enrollment Center on the Godfrey campus. If you have any questions please call (618) 468-2222.

    Online Concurrent Enrollment form

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    Advanced Placement (AP) Program

    Did you know that with the Advanced Placement program, L&C offers credit towards degree required courses for high school students that can demonstrate knowledge of the corresponding subject? Learn more

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    GED and other Adult Education Services

    Learning doesn't stop when you leave school, and there's always room to grow. If you have been putting off finishing your education, Lewis and Clark Community College's Adult Education department can assist you in preparing for your future. GED/Adult Basic Education provides you with the skills for a better job or entry in post secondary education.

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    International Students

    Going to school in a foreign land can be challenging. Let us help ease your path by getting you set up with all the right information on enrollment for international students. Enter as an International Student today. You'll be right at home in one of our classrooms before you know it!

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    College for Busy Adults

    Congratulations on taking the first step toward college or returning after several years of being out of the classroom. For many adult learners, this decision can be overwhelming, yet very rewarding.

    Here at Lewis and Clark, we reward you knowledge gained through work and life experience; military training and experience; and through formal and informal professional training.

    Learn more about our offerings for students like you.  

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  • Admissions Milestones

    2020 General Election Day (campus closed)

    Veterans Day holiday (campus closed)

    Last day to petition for Fall Graduation

    Thanksgiving recess (campus open, no classes)

    Thanksgiving recess (campus closed)