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  • Student Government Association

    L&C’s Student Government Association (SGA) is composed of elected officers, independent members, club representatives and a Student Trustee. In addition to representing student interests at the board of trustees meetings, SGA oversees all student clubs, provides funding for club activities, and formulates policies affecting the student body. Have an idea for how to improve the campus? Tell us! We also act on student suggestions to make our campus better.


    SGA meetings are held at 1 p.m. on Wednesdays, the first and third week of each month throughout the school year in the Underground Connection near Reid Restaurant. Meetings are open to all students.

    Current Members

    Joseph McKenzie, President
    Thomas Griffin, Vice President
    Brittany Dickerson, Secretary
    Callie Logan, Treasurer
    Whitney Weeks, Student Trustee
    Arantxa Salvador, Student Activities
    Helen Jarden, Editor-in-Chief, The Bridge
    Ashley Talley, Representative, WLCA Radio Station

    Contact Information

    SGA President
    (618) 468-6046

    SGA Vice President
    (618) 468-6047

    SGA Treasurer
    (618) 468-6048

    SGA Secretary
    (618) 468-6049