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    Melissa Batchelor
    CHDV131 - Introduction To Child Development
    EDUC 232 - Introduction to Special Education

    Emily Corby
    ENGL132 - First Year English II

    Dr. Pat Dailey
    BIOL - Insect PowerPoint Presentations 
    BIOL 165-92 - Ecology Articles 

    Becky Gockel 
    PLGL130 - Introduction to Paralegal Studies

    Joel Hall
    DRFT232 - Architectural Design and Production

    Terri Hilgendorf

    Joe McFarlane
    ART141 - Art History

    Dr. Gerald Mozur
    PHIL131 - Introduction to Philosophy

    Dr. Kamau Njoroge
    LITT 233 - Annotated Bibliography and Religion Sources
    LITT 233 - Things Fall Apart   

    Dr. Gerald Mozur & Dr. Kamau Njoroge
    EDTR 260 - Teaching for Critical Thinking

    Dr. Kelly Obernuefemann
    HIST 231 - American History to 1865
    HIST 232 - American Nation: 1877-Present

    HIST 131 - Western Civilization I