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Women's Tennis Results from Nationals

Article by: Jim Hunstein,
Day One:
1S; Luisa Gonzalez def. Anna Ready (Jones County), 6-4, 6-3
2S; Rachel Allard lost to Desiree Jackson (Mesa CC), 0-6, 0-6
3S; Claire Morrissey def. Hannah Tomlinson (Seminole State College), 6-2, 6-1
4S; Taylor Stevenson lost to Krissy Stutts (Jones County), 2-6, 7-6 (5), 3-6
5S; Jenna Bechtold def. Marina Schmidt (Hartford CC), 6-2, 6-3
6S; Maria Rodriguez lost to Vanessa Almanza (Collin College), 3-6, 4-6
1D; Gonzalez/Morrissey lost to Pauline Chawafambira/Patricia Husakova (Eastern Arizona College), 1-6, 0-6
2D; Allard/Stevenson lost to Michelle Chemaly/Katie Delgado (Temple College), 1-6, 0-6
3D; Bechtold/Rodriguez advanced with a bye
Day Two; Main Draw
1S; Gonzalez lost to Natella Nabieva (#4 seed) (State College of Florida), 0-6, 1-6
3S; Morrissey lost to Anri Ueno (#6 seed) (St. Petersburg College), 0-6, 1-6
5S; Bechtold lost to Chloe Murphy (#3 seed) (State College of Florida), 0-6, 0-6
3D; Bechtold/Rodriguez lost to Caroline Terry/Taylor White (Meridian CC), 2-6, 6-7 (8)
Day Two; Consolation
2S; Allard def. Karissa Schroeder(Waubonsee CC), 8-2
4S; Stevenson advanced with a bye
6S; Rodriguez lost to Haley Humphrey (Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College), 0-8
1D; Gonzalez/Morrissey def. Taylor Carpenter/Taylor Littlejohn-Barr (Spartanburg Methodist College), 8-4
2D; Allard/Stevenson def. Caroline Hernandez/Kailla Parker (Jacksonville College), 8-2
3D; Bechtold/Rodriguez lost to Danielle Huss/Iulia Marcenco (Mesa CC), 3-8
Day 3; Consolation
2S Quarterfinals; Rachel Allard defeated Taylor Carpenter (Spartanburg Methodist College), 8-2
4S Quarterfinals; Taylor Stevenson lost to Carolina Hernandez (Jacksonville College), 6-8
1D Quarterfinals; Luisa Gonzalez/Claire Morrissey lost to Amy Beeston/Cayla Cordova (Pima CC), 4-8
2D Quarterfinals; Rachel Allard/Taylor Stevenson defeated Jackie Arnold/Kathryn Rohan (Seward County CC), 8-6
Day 4; Consolation
2S Semifinals; Rachel Allard lost to Sarah Giraldo (Cowley College), 5-8
2D Semifinals; Rachel Allard/Taylor Stevenson lost to McKenna Nelson/Loni Karras (Eastern Arizona College), 3-8